Miracles Happen!


Back from the weekend, we couldn’t be more thrilled to hear this feedback on O.M.G™+! It comes as no surprise, but we’re so happy you’re pleased! This gorgeously green “miracle serum” is truly magic in a bottle! This SIRCUIT®-loyalist says, “This is a must splurge! Absolutely indispensable for dewy, healthy skin… Love! I use three drops and they go a long way. This lightweight chlorophyll serum helps with moisture retention, firmness, tone & texture!”

It sure does… and more! O.M.G.™+ has been SUPERCHARGED with a special encapsulated form of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), derived from yeast, for more effective delivery—making it even more potent and effective. EGF helps to increase the number of growth-factor receptors, which decrease as a result of aging, becoming the single most important substance for the development and maintenance of both the epidermis and dermis.

We have also found that our EGF products work well at softening scar tissue. We enriched this special serum with revitalizing Echinacea Stem Cells for intense hydration and Green Tea, along with Spin Trap for added antioxidant benefits that will leave you looking sinfully sexy! Now made even better with the addition of the potent, anti-aging antioxidant R-Lipoic Acid, ensuring you step out in confidence with newfound hydration and rich radiance. Bestseller!

•Triggers skin cell restoration, renewal and growth.
•Repairs and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and facial sagging.
•Increases epidermal thickness and strengthens skin elasticity.
•Hastens blood vessel synthesis around injuries; heals without scars.
•Heightens moisture retention and improves skin’s radiance.

O.M.G.™+ - The miracle your skin’s been waiting for! Shop here!

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Skinsaver? Tell Me More!


Our great friends at Aviary Beauty in Atlanta tout the benefits of Calendula for when your skin needs some good rest and relaxation. Speaking to the healing and calming nature of this soothing herb extracted from the Marigold plant, they spread some serious SIRCUIT love raving about their must-have skin care products that feature it!

They say, “The healing astringent has even been thought of as a remedy for centuries. For example, Sircuit’s I. Cee. U.+ is a firming, anti-aging gel (ahem, one of our faves) that boasts Calendula as a main ingredient. Sircuit’s Clarity Broccoli Sulfur Mask also uses it, and is awesome for skin prone to blemishes. Sounds like this week’s skinsaver to us!”

If you’re not already familiar with this gem (and trust us… you should be), I. Cee. U.™+ is filled with refreshing, Chirally Correct, active ingredients and antioxidants to help moisturize, soothe and protect the delicate tissue around the eyes. Formulated to help firm and reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, I. Cee.U.™+ diminishes signs of aging and fights the look of tired eyes, offering the ultimate in anti-aging performance.

Clarity™ broccoli sulfur mask is an absorbent Kaolin mask created especially to help clear problem skin prone to blemishes. Uniquely formulated with Broccoli and Sulfur along with special Herbs and Organic Tea Tree Oil including a host of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and anti-microbials that help to fight against the ongoing conditions that can occur with problem skin, get your skin in shipshape condition with this multi-tasking mask treatment!

To heal, calm and smooth your eye area with I. Cee. U.™+click here
To save your skin and prevent blemishes with Clarity™, click here 

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Stress Buster #4: Give Someone a Compliment!


We know there’s serious Stress-Busting out there because we’ve been receiving great feedback from this series. So without further adieu, let’s set the tone and get going…

You’re stressed and need to decompress, pronto! To prevent moments that can make you look more like an anxious fool rather than “oh so cool,” here’s one more quick and easy way to help you de-stress when all you have is 10 seconds…

Give someone a compliment! It doesn’t take very long to find something good in another. It takes your mind off of your stresses. The great thing about this is the more often you do it, the easier it gets. Who knows, you may be able to throw out two compliments in 10 seconds if you keep it up.

The key to combating stress is to be aware of your body and how it feels. Check in with yourself several times throughout the day- more on high stress days. Integrate simple 10 second stress busters and know you’re on your way to a calmer, happier and healthier you!

Once SIRCUIT® has your skin GLOWING, these quick tips can help you through a long day! Stay tuned… more stress busters to come!

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Summer Skin Rescue!


Love it! SIRCUIT® has a fan over at where beauty lovers are kept up to date on the latest trends and hottest products. This beauty expert recently featured SIRCUIT’s Double Trouble™ as the perfect post summer skin solution giving the stunning results of this peel a HUGE shout out!

She gives pointers saying, “As summer winds down, your skincare concerns might shift direction, especially if you spent a lot of time in the sun. Your post-summer skin might be dry, dull, damaged or show signs of hyperpigmentation.”

About to divulge the sexy secret, she continues, “For more intense exfoliation, try an exfoliating mask or peel like Sircuit Skin Double Trouble. A favorite among clients, this potent 5% L-lactic acid at-home peel is full of antioxidants and vitamins to treat fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and uneven skin tone… Not to mention, it smells divine!” So true!

Thank you! We couldn’t agree more! It’s hard to say which is more delicious- the scent or the results… BOTH!

Antioxidant rich, Double Trouble™ 5% L-lactic pomegranate acai peel contains a full complement of free radical ingredients and is a nourishing peel for use at home. The perfect pairing of Pomegranate and nature’s wonder food, Acai, energizes your cells and tightens skin while providing rich hydration and radiance. This is a nature lover’s dream peel!

• Gently removes dead skin cells for a renewed complexion.
• Skin looks brighter, healthier, and more radiant.
• Decreases fine lines, improves texture, and enhances strength.
• Combats congestion, blackheads and blemishes.
• Minimizes the effects of free radical damage.
• Provides a powerful assortment of antioxidant protection.

Rescue skin and get glowing with Double Trouble™… Shop here!

Hottest Ticket in Town!


GENLUX did it again! We always have an unbelievable time at their phenomenal launch parties, but Sunday was truly a night to remember! Yes, GENLUX shut down Rodeo Drive for a concert by best-selling trumpeter and Grammy winner, Chris Botti, and all we can say is… WOW, what a night!!

Jesse Metcalfe, Cat Williams and Tara Reid were just some of the sexy familiar faces that walked the Red Carpet. Also among this great crowd were our good friends and SIRCUIT lovers, International Group Blush.

The always fashionable and gorgeous Cecilia Moreno, GENLUX’s publisher and editorial director, was sporting a Valentino dress that was stunning and exquisite with Mikimoto pearls that stole the show!

Spotted! Look to the lower right corner and check out our CEO and Founder, Michael Wolfgeher, having a ball! Thanks again GENLUX- not only for another fabulous issue, but for a night we’ll never forget!

For the past 10 years, GENLUX Magazine has been Southern California’s leading regional luxury magazine whose award-winning content is focused on fashion, beauty and philanthropy. Check out their hot new issue with Chris Botti on the cover by clicking here.

Wednesday Wisdom!

This MADE our day!


After such a HOT weekend in Los Angeles, we couldn’t be happier to return to the office and feel the love of our customers! This SIRCUIT enthusiast writes about her exciting experience with Day Care™+ protective day moisturizer and says, “This is a lightweight, delicious smelling day cream. I use it with Molecular Mist & OMG serum. Great product! Not greasy and goes on silky smooth!” Well, it certainly does smell delicious, but we’re happy your results are equally as delicious!

Day Care™+ is an amazing, multi-active, protective moisturizer. This silky, light, quick-absorbing emulsion replenishes your skin’s natural moisture balance as it guards against environmental abuse and the harmful effects of free radicals that can lead to accelerated aging.
Bursting with appeal, this non-comedogenic cream is now SUPERCHARGED with ingredients designed to help heal and increase the skin’s oxygen supply. Lumiere was added to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles and Thiotaine was added to prevent UV damage as well as inhibit tyrosinase for a more even skin tone. Lavish the soft vanilla scent while this lightweight moisturizer quickly penetrates into your skin leaving you with a touchable, soft finish and a beautifully radiant appearance.

• Provides instant and long lasting hydration.
• Replenishes the skin’s moisture balance.
• Provides protection against environmental damage.
• Recommended for daily use perfect under makeup.
• Leaves skin feeling calmed and soothed.
• Smoothes, plumps, and softens the skin.
• Leaves a smooth, non-greasy finish.

Thanks for sharing with us! We appreciate your feedback and are thrilled with your ecstatic results! Learn more & fall in love with Day Care™+!

Best Organic Beauty Brand: SIRCUIT!

Featured this week in Lucky Magazine for being one of the best organic beauty brands for face and skin, SIRCUIT® gets a shout out for placing strong focus on wellness and caring for skin on a molecular level. Our best-selling cleanser, X-Trap™+, gets lots of love in this article for its ingredients and incredible technology that truly blow ordinary facial cleansers out of the water! Referred to as having developed a “cult following”, we sure know why! Check out this amazing formula and find out for yourself!

X-Trap™+ is a refreshing, baby soft daily facial cleanser that is gentle enough for post-laser and post-surgery cleansing. Non-drying, mild cleansing agents (No Sodium Laurel Sulfates) restore balance, elasticity and tone while optimizing the skin for other facial treatments. Formulated with Organic Shea Butter to soften and smooth the skin and L-Alpha Bisabolol to calm, soothe and help heal. Now SUPERCHARGED with Purisoft®, a peptide from Moringa Seeds, to help purify the skin and help protect it from daily environmental pollution. Additional anti-pollutant boosters called Zeolites were added to help capture impurities and completely rinse them away. X-Trap™+ will leave you feeling smooth, clean, pH balanced and hydrated.

• Gently removes dirt, pollution, and make up.
• Leaves skin feeling purified and balanced.
• Contains emollients and skin conditioning ingredients.
• Prepares skin for optimal absorption of treatment products.
• Calms skin and restores comfort.
• Non-irritating to eyes and skin.
• Improves skin texture and tone.

Get LUCKY! To experience all the hype on X-Trap™+, purchase here.

Check out the entire article in Lucky Magazine now by clicking here.

Ingredient Spotlight: KOMBUCHKA


We scour nutritional information labels for sugar in the foods we eat for a number of health reasons… but did you know sugar can also breakdown collagen in the skin? The same sugar (glucose) that gives our hard working cells an extra boost of energy can also react with proteins in our body in a process called glycation.

Sugars attach themselves to groups of tissue proteins and cross-link them into stiff, inflexible compounds. Tissue proteins like collagen that give skin plump, healthy volume become brittle and disintegrate leaving skin loose and weak. Glycation causes healthy collagen strands to lose their elasticity and firmness resulting in wrinkles, dryness and sagging that are characteristic signs of aging.

Kombuchka™ from Black Tea Ferment defends collagen against glycation activity, keeps skin soft and supple and helps boost skin immune function. This brilliant ingredient restores volume, improves smoothness and enhances radiance and tone.

At SIRCUIT®, we feature unique benefits of Kombuchka™ in our best-selling serum, Sircuit Addict™+ which provides the skin with superior firming and moisturizing properties that help fight against the ongoing effects of aging. You’ll be addicted to the way it makes you look and feel! Fortified with powerful antioxidants, rich in highly active age-defying ingredients and SUPERCHARGED with plant stem cells, instantly your skin will feel firmer and softer. Sircuit Addict™+ is a potent serum that far surpasses any other antioxidant or firming serum on the market today.

Check out all the hype and purchase Sircuit Addict™+ here. Never has an addiction been so good for you! 

We did it… your search is over! Amazed at the feel, result and overall effectiveness of SIRCUIT® products? Blown away by the ingredients, technologies and response of your skin? Fall in love with our entire skin care collection by clicking here… Your skin will immediately thank you!

Stress Buster #3: Jumping Jacks


Clearly there’s been a lot of Stress-Busting out there because we’ve been receiving a lot of fun feedback from this series. So without further adieu, let’s set the tone and get going…

You’re trying to make that perfect impression for a first date or super-important business meeting and you have just seconds to pull it together… your coffee has spilled, there’s been terrible traffic, you’re barely able to think straight and all you want is to regain composure and stay poised… You ARE stressed and need to decompress, pronto!

To prevent moments like these that can make you look more like an anxious fool rather than “oh so cool,” here’s another quick and easy way to help you de-stress when all you have is 10 seconds…

The Mayo Clinic’s Stress Management team says, “One way to take control of the stress in your life is through physical activity. Being active can boost your feel-good endorphins and distract you from daily worries.” Research proves time and time again that one of the best behavioral techniques to combat stress and anxiety is to engage in physical activity. If you only have 10 seconds, jumping jacks are the perfect full-body movement to sneak in. Jump away!

Often times it’s hard to know how you feel. People survive their busy lives by living on autopilot, zoned out, not even remembering how they got home from work. Consumed with our stressful lives, we can go days sometimes without realizing that our shoulders are big rocks sitting next to our ears.

The key to combating stress is to be aware of your body and how it feels. Check in with yourself several times throughout the day- more on high stress days. Integrate simple 10 second stress busters and you’re on your way to a calmer, happier and healthier you!

Once SIRCUIT® has your skin GLOWING, these quick tricks can help you through a long day! More stress busters to come… stay tuned!

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Cool Down and Get Gorgeous!


Check out The San Francisco Bay Club’s amazing new blog where they provide experiences that celebrate a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. In an effort to find the best beauty must-haves from summer, the spa directors at The Sanctuary Spa chose their top picks to keep that summery vibe going for weeks to come…

Guess what they selected as #1? SIRCUIT’s very own Cool Lychee Wa™+ intensely hydrating mask! They excitedly rave, “Fortified with Lychee Extract—as well as Goji Berry, Mangosteen, and Resveratrol to fight the ongoing effects of free radicals- the Sircuit Skin Cool Lychee Wa™+ Mask will help you to kiss those fine lines goodbye and restore your skin’s natural glow.”

Cool Lychee Wa™+ intensely hydrating mask is specifically formulated to deliver powerful anti-aging benefits and antioxidant rich hydration while helping to improve your skin’s contour and tone. Enriched with Happybelle PE complex that dramatically helps to restore moisture creating a youthful, radiant glow, while also leaving your skin feeling luscious and soft.

• Improves skin’s vitality, radiance, and luminosity.
• Delivers intense hydration.
• Combats dryness to restore comfort and elasticity.
• Skin appears plumper, firmer, and softer.
• Provides antioxidant rich protection.
• Soothes, calms, and refreshes the skin.

Cool down and get gorgeous with SIRCUIT’s Cool Lychee Wa™+!
For additional information on Cool Lychee Wa™+, click here.

To peek at The San Francisco Bay Club’s blog, click here.

Hands Down AMAZING!


WOW! Check out this fantastic testimonial from Haven Skin & Body in Australia! Recently, we had a new client come on board with SIRCUIT® who has had extremely bad dermatitis on her hands for over 9 months. After just a few applications of Sircurity™ each day for 1-2 weeks, her hands have healed dramatically. She is now using it on her 2 young girls who have very dried out flaky skin on their legs and they have just found this product to be a miracle! She shares her unbelievable experience with us, “These are MY thumbs. I have painfully suffered through dermatitis on my thumbs and hands for over 9 months.”

The top photo was taken on a Wednesday morning and the bottom photo was taken one week later. She says, “Seriously. All from applying this balm 3-4 times a day! I can’t even begin to tell you all how wonderful this product is… But I think the pictures speak for me.”

If you suffer from skin concerns such as eczema, dermatitis or have irritated, hypersensitive skin on any part of your body including knees, lips, cuticles or anywhere a little TLC is needed, this product is for you!

Sircurity™ is a therapeutic, reparative calming balm originally developed for use post peel to relieve damaged, dehydrated, red, irritated skin or to prevent skin from becoming red and irritated. This multi-functional treatment promotes and accelerates repair while creating a soothing and protective barrier for your skin and will help to relieve a variety of skin conditions such as itching, burning, redness, or even just extreme dryness.

Use Sircurity™ for intensive healing and repair! This AMAZING multi-use treatment balm, known to rescue hands, cuticles and more speeds up the recovery time of any scratches, burns or wounds that appear from regular daily activities. A SECRET HOUSEHOLD HERO!

To view or purchase Sircurity™ directly, click here for more detail!

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Soak up the Fun!

Our office will be closed on Monday in observance of the holiday. We look forward to get you glowing after the long weekend. Enjoy!

Wednesday Wisdom…


This MADE our day!


Nothing beats returning back from the weekend to some incredible customer feedback! Just as we were raving about how our Molecular Mist™+ got us through the hot weekend, we turn on the computer to this fantastic comment from SIRCUIT® lover and loyalist…

She excitedly says, “I’ve been using molecular mist for a number of years now but recently discovered the best way to use it for achieving optimal results. I spray about 3 pumps in my hands after using Sircuit OMG (which is also amazing!) and smooth over my face and neck, pressing it into the skin. Just before it dries, I apply my moisturizer. Works like a charm… and acts like a sealant for moisture loss. I have found this way of application much more convenient than spraying on my face. Also have noticed product lasts much longer too! I love Sircuit so much. This is another great product!”

Not only raving enthusiasm, but with great advice- Thank you! Keep those thoughts and suggestions coming our way! We love to hear what you think and share excellent ideas. What a way to start the week! XO

More detail on SIRCUIT’s ‘liquid moisture’ Molecular Mist™+ here.

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