Zooey Deschanel’s Makeup411 Beauty Breakdown

Celebrity makeup artist, Hello Giggles contributor, and department head for FOX’s breakout comedy New Girl, Jorjee Douglass, gives us the Makeup 411 on how she creates a “natural and youthful” look for Zooey Deschanel’s loveable character, Jess Day.

“We all think Zooey is a dreamboat!” Douglass says. “She is wonderful to work with, and she likes to use natural products.”

So it comes as no surprise that she starts this fresh-faced look with SIRCUIT®’s Day Care™+ l protective day moisturizer, which Douglass lets set for 10 minutes before applying any cosmetics.

To complete Deschanel’s character look, Click Here and check out Douglass’s full breakdown featured on (originally published in Issue 94 of Make-Up Artist magazine). 

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The Secret To Avoiding Puffy Eyes

Have you ever slathered on eye cream, hoping for an overnight miracle for those pesky under-eye bags, only to wake up to puffy, irritated eyes?

Well … you’re not alone. Luckily for us The Beauty’s resident skincare expert, Amy Nadine, has the “Eye Cream Secret”.

Here’s a hint - it’s ALL in the application!!

The secret? “Just apply it 1/2 inch or so above your upper lashline and below your lower lashline, then while you’re sleeping, it will travel on its own and stop right around your crow’s feet, where you wanted it in the first place! Be sure to use your ring finger to apply it (it’s your weakest finger so you won’t pull too hard) and after making the dots, gently pat them in.”

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