It never ceases to amaze us how bright and ingredient savvy our customers are, but it truly “Makes Our Day” to see that our loyal SIRCUIT® addicts (yes, we are talking to you) truly GET IT; for that we say Thank You!!


Johnson & Johnson … Made Better?

At SIRCUIT® we are known for our ingredient savvy and are very serious about skin health. We’re obsessed with “the power of new” and in anticipation of our Made Better program we spent 2 years in development sourcing new ingredient technologies and perfecting our formulas, ensuring SIRCUIT® customers stay way ahead of the curve.

But these new Made Better formulas are not only more effective … they’re made safer. They’re Cruelty Free, SLS Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free and Certified 1,4-Dioxane Free (just to name a few). We’ve also gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that all of our ingredients are ethically sourced and their sources completely compliant with any new FDA/USDA regulations (among others).

Bottom line … all of our products are specifically designed to work with the body, not against it. As a result, we’ve always provided full ingredient transparency, and have chosen to list our full ingredient decks proudly (a position we are very proud of).

As many of you may know, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies recently announced the launch of, their new ingredient transparency website for baby and beauty products.

Complete transparency and ingredient truth has always been our standard operating procedure from day one and although we can’t say we necessarily agree with their stance on certain ingredients, we do appreciate and applaud the big companies for coming on-board!!