The Secret To Avoiding Puffy Eyes

Have you ever slathered on eye cream, hoping for an overnight miracle for those pesky under-eye bags, only to wake up to puffy, irritated eyes?

Well … you’re not alone. Luckily for us The Beauty’s resident skincare expert, Amy Nadine, has the “Eye Cream Secret”.

Here’s a hint - it’s ALL in the application!!

The secret? “Just apply it 1/2 inch or so above your upper lashline and below your lower lashline, then while you’re sleeping, it will travel on its own and stop right around your crow’s feet, where you wanted it in the first place! Be sure to use your ring finger to apply it (it’s your weakest finger so you won’t pull too hard) and after making the dots, gently pat them in.”

Originally posted by The Beauty

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Your Skin Demands the Perfect Products

SIRCUIT Medicine Cabinet

If we could peek inside medicine cabinets, we’d be sure to find a motley array of half-empty, impulse skincare buys, creams and masks we haven’t replaced since high school, and other good intentions gone awry. And the mirror on the other side would reveal plenty of befuddled women, unsure of what skin cocktail to slather on their faces next.

We hear from customers all day long whose routines resemble a revolving door of potent-and potentially misguided-ingredients. They all want smoother, younger-looking skin, but many are overloading it, which is perhaps a reason why there’s an increasing number of people who are suffering from rosacea, eczema, breakouts and other issues. 

So many problems are resolved my streamlining-and sometimes overhauling-a customer’s arsenal of products.  Let us help you go through your medicine cabinets, to make the appropriate tweaks and swaps, for results that are most definitely face and mind saving. Call us at (888) 661-4544 or email us at and let one of our skincare experts get your skin on the right path.

How to Create a Fishtail Braid

Seems like everywhere we look, ladies are sporting low, side slung fishtail braids. What’s not to love about this boho chic look that channels’ your inner mermaid? 

Get the look with the following steps:

Before Starting: For that messy, effortless look, skip brushing your hair prior to braiding and finger separate your locks.

  • Sweep hair to one side and create a low ponytail with an elastic. (This is to make the braiding process easier. Use an elastic you won’t mind cutting off when braiding is complete.)
  • Divide hair into two parts. (A and B)
  • For lots of tiny plaits use smaller pieces of hair when passing them from side to side. For a chunkier look, use larger clumps of hair.
  • Take a piece of hair from the outside of side A of your hair and pass it above and over to combine it with side B.
  • Next, take a small piece of hair from side B and pass it above and over to combine with side A.
  • Repeat these steps until the braid is complete. Be patient, this can feel time consuming the first time you try it but it gets easier!
  • Tie ends with an elastic and cut off the first elastic.

Learning how to plait a fishtail braid can be frustrating, especially if you have layers in your hair that can make the process messy and confusing. To help prevent fly-aways from occurring, braid your hair while it’s still a little damp and wash with our Liquid Crystal™ shampoo and Crystal Crème™ conditioner.

Any other hair or beauty trends you’ve been itching to try? Let us know in the comments below.

How To: Care for Combination Skin

For combination skin types that tend to be dry in the cheeks while being oily in the t-zone, it can be difficult to maintain a balanced complexion. Ditch the guessing game and get a glowing complexion with a regimen that continues to work for your skin after each use. 

Cleanse: Use a gentle cleanser morning and night that won’t over-dry your skin to remove impurities and restore balance. Our X-Trap™ daily gentle face wash helps restore balance, elasticity and tone without irritation for that refreshing squeaky-clean feeling.

Treat: Help boost the effectiveness of your crème and fight signs of aging by applying a serum once a day to the skin after cleansing and before moisturizing. Our bestselling Sircuit Weapon™ 10% vitamin C therapy serum is formulated to revive dull skin that can be brought on by environmental stress for a healthy glow. 

Hydrate: Prevent dehydration while also keeping skin protected from the elements by remembering to moisturize morning and night.

- AM: For a moisturizer that wont clog pores and keeps your skin hydrated and protected all day long, choose Day Care™ protective day moisturizer, which is packed with essential oils and chirally correct Vitamins C and E.

- PM: Our skin’s natural repair functions kick into overdrive when we sleep, so take full advantage of your beauty rest by choosing an evening crème like our Dreamweaver™ night time skin repair that helps with the process. Beta glucosamine helps to strengthen and smooth skin while chamomile and slippery elm calm and soothe tired complexions.

Exfoliate: Keep the appearance of pores minimized and sweep away dead skin cells by using a deep cleansing scrub.  If you experience the occasional break-out, zeolites in our Sir Activ™ zeolite invigorating scrub help remove impurities to leave your skin’s texture soft and smooth.

Under-Eye Treatment: Using an eye care product tends to be the one skincare step we tend to neglect at the end of a skincare routine. But don’t wait until you start to see fine lines to form before beginning to care for the most delicate area of your face. It’s easier to prevent wrinkle formation than it is to reverse them, so keep that area hydrated and protected with an antioxidant rich treatment like our Eye Dew™ elements protection complex.

Goodbye confusing routines, hello gorgeous!