For added protection for your face, neck & chest area, layer a serum containing vitamin C under your sunscreen (we suggest Sircuit Weapon™+ l 10% vitamin C therapy serum). Not only will it help to prevent sun damage, it also helps to address dehydration and wrinkles! image

For an extra boost, try a serum or sunscreen that also contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps to speed healing.

Did you know? Sol-Avert™ l ultimate UV defense contains both the Chirally Correct form of vitamin E, and the ingredient L-Ergothioneine; a natural antioxidant and amino acid that helps prevent damage caused by UV radiation, recycles Vitamin C, and inhibits Tyrosinase (i.e. helps to prevent the formation of hyper-pigmentation)? This is hands down our “go-to” daily sunscreen!!

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Pumpkin - It’s Not Just For Pies

Pumpkin has become synonymous with some of our Fall favorites like Pie and Lattes; but did you know that Pumpkin is also a nourishing treat for your skin?

Concentrated forms of pumpkin (extracts and pulps) are a fantastic source for naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s), including Lactic acid, that stimulate hydration and are rich in antioxidants including vitamins A and C. They are also a potent source for enzymes which help to increase radiance in the skin, while promoting new cell production.

Youth Accelerator™+ is an all-natural pumpkin enzyme peel that’s rich in anti-aging and skin perfecting nutrients. This unique formula, with powerful antioxidant properties, is intensive therapy that targets the skin receptors, helping to minimize the free radical damage that can result in accelerated aging. The natural pumpkin enzymes also aid in exfoliating dead skin cells and removing impurities, while at the same time delivering vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

This fall season, skip the pie, and get your dose of pumpkin by treating yourself to a Youth Accelerator™+ at-home peel:

Step 1: Cleanse - Supermild™ or X-Trap™+ will optimize the skin before any skincare treatment.

Step 2: Pumpkin Time - Apply an even layer of Youth Accelerator™+ to facial area and allow to sit on the skin for 10-15 minutes. Remove with a warm, damp towel.

Step 3: Apply a Treatment Serum - Sircuit Addict™+ is a great antioxidant rich option for all skin types, but feel free to choose the serum that best addresses your skin concerns. (Not sure which one to try? Click Here for a complimentary skin consultation.)

Step 4: Moisturize - Cloud 9™+ is the perfect moisturizer for drier skin that naturally accompanies these colder months. Skin softening, antioxidant rich, and deeply nourishing, this moisture crème will help to promote cell growth and function with a yeast-derived encapsulated Epidermal Growth Factor.

Step 5: Protect - Sol Avert™+ provides a Zinc-based physical sun barrier which will protect the skin from the full spectrum of UV rays that can wreak havoc on your complexion any time of year.

Want to leave it to the Pro’s? Our Youth Accelerator™+ peel is also available in a professional strength treatment!! To find an Authorized SIRCUIT®PRO in your area, Click Here.

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Summer Sun Rehab 101

We love a subtle, sexy, post-summer glow as much as anyone … but sun spots, hyperpigmentation & photo-aging? Not so much!!

While you’ve been spending your summer safely soaking up some Vitamin D, let’s face it, your skin has taken a beating. Check out this quick and easy post-summer rehab regimen and ensure that those telltale signs of a summer in the sun will be well on their way, long before the first signs of winter.

In the A.M.:

Cleanse your face with an L-lactic or Salicylic Acid cleanser (Savior™+ contains a healthy dose of each). Leave it on for about a minute to allow the acids to break down and slough away dead skin cells, and rinse.

Apply an antioxidant rich, Vitamin C serum such as Sircuit Weapon™+ to help even skin tone and protect from free-radical damage. A concentrated fading serum like Brilliance™ will help to reduce the appearance of sun spots and prevent future ones from popping up.

Need a boost? Vitamin C, when combined with skin brightening ingredients such as Lemon Peel or Neem Leaf Extract, can be an incredibly effective, super-powered dark spot corrector. So try combining Sircuit Weapon™+ and Brilliance™ for more powerful results. Just mix equal parts of each in your hand, apply & voila … you get the best of both worlds!!

Finish with a lightweight moisturizer that contains sunscreen (you can always layer them separately, but I love a good multi-tasker). Sun exposure leads to sun damage and photo-aging (or in best case scenarios, makes skin look dull) so one that contains a physical block such as Zinc is best. Day Care™+ is an amazing, multi-active, protective moisturize that is quick-absorbing (so great under make-up) and helps to replenish your skin’s natural moisture balance as it guards against environmental abuse and the harmful effects of free radicals that can lead to accelerated aging.

Did you know? Our new Made Better Day Care™+ formula contains an Uhhh-mazing new ingredient technology, Biolumen Firm, which actually harnesses UV Light to help heal skin, diminish the appearance of wrinkles and crepiness, and improve the skin’s overall tone and radiance.

In the P.M.:

As soon as you get home
from work (the gym, happy hour, dinner … whichever applies) thoroughly cleanse skin again using your morning cleanser. W
ait until bedtime and you run the risk of falling asleep, forgetting, or a simple case of laziness. If you find that Savior™+ is too active for you to use twice a day, switch to a creamy face wash like Supermild™ for nighttime.

To remove dead skin cells, use a non-abrasive physical exfoliant two or three times a week. One of THE most important steps in maintaining a luminous complexion and eliminating uneven skin tone is to exfoliate religiously (we’re not saying to overdo it, but consistency is the key). Using a gentle scrub like Sir Activ™+ (contains no jagged edges to tear at collagen fibrils) will help you to reveal healthy, radiant skin underneath the dead cellular buildup, while delivering potent antioxidants.

Choose a cream that combines retinol with hydrating ingredients that reinforce lipid layer. Supernatural-A™ is a luxurious, emollient-rich night creme formulated with extremely potent anti-aging, nourishing, protective, and skin supporting ingredients, the most important being patent pending IconicA®. IconicA® contains skin perfecting, stabilized retinaldehyde (Vitamin A), making it way more potent than traditional retinaldehyde and retinol. Made even more effective with the anti-aging peptide ChroNOline™ and Adaptonyl®, an MMPi, this age defying complex helps to help even skin tone, smooth fine lines, and tackle dehydration, making skin appear more radiant.

Expecting? Sensitive to retinol? Try Sircuit Savant™, our Vitamin A alternative serum, designed to energize cells and tighten skin while providing rich hydration and radiance. It’s formulated with a brand new botanical alternative to retinol called Vita-a-like™ that provides all of the anti-aging benefits of retinol (but is retinol-free).

Once a Week:

At-home peels
, when used consistently, are a truly effective way to stay one step ahead of dullness. Dark spots, discolorations and hyper pigmentation can occur (or become more pronounced) when the body produces too much melanin (your bodies way of protecting itself from ultraviolet rays). Using an at-home peel containing L-lactic acid and/or fruit enzymes once a week, such Double Trouble™ 5% L-lactic pomegranate acai peel, helps to stimulate cellular turnover, which sheds those damaged cells and in time reveals a brighter, healthier, and more even skin tone.

Try This: You’ll get the most effective results from a peel if you do it in the evening because your skin does most of its rejuvenating overnight.

Last but not least, to prevent future/further sun damage, wear a chemical free, physical block such as Sol-Avert SPF 30. Sun exposure causes the problem, so even on those cloudy days, it’s always smart to wear sunscreen for protection.

4 Healthy Skin Tips That Actually Work

Check out these skin tips from BellaSugar!

Did you know that drinking loads of water doesn’t necessarily make your skin better? Well, it’s true. While proper hydration is key for keeping your skin healthy, over-hydrating doesn’t do any good. So what else can you do to get clearer, fresher skin
(aside from great skincare products)? Here are four easy solutions:

Cut down on the sugar. No one’s telling you to give up sweet stuff altogether, but processed sugar can contribute to the breakdown of collagen, making your skin dull and less taut.

Take an omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Whether it’s flaxseed, fish oil, or borage, fatty acids help keep your skin’s lipid barrier healthy. This is especially important if you have dry or acne-prone skin. Plus, many of us (especially vegetarians and those who don’t eat seafood) don’t get nearly enough of them.

Get enough Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to help retard cell damage, keeping your skin less prone to pigmentation issues and wrinkles (Sircuit Weapon™'s best-selling status is definitely a testament to this!!). So make sure to stock up on C-rich foods, like citrus fruits or supplements.

Cool down your shower water. Don’t freeze yourself out, but using tepid or warm water, although less satisfying than a hot shower, is better for your skin’s hydration levels and can even help prevent inflammation. It might sound counter-intuitive, but all that water actually dehydrates you. Spending less time in the shower or bath is another good fix—you’ll be saving yourself some money and helping keep your skin calm and soft.

Originally Posted Jun 11 2012 by BellaSugar