O.M.G. - This Made Our Day!

O.M.G.™+ serum has been SUPERCHARGED with a special encapsulated form of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), derived from yeast, for more effective delivery—making it even more potent and effective. EGF helps to increase the number of growth-factor receptors, which decrease as a result of aging, becoming the single most important substance for the development and maintenance of both the epidermis and dermis. We have also found that our EGF products work well at softening scar tissue. We enriched this special serum with revitalizing Echinacea Stem Cells for intense hydration and Green Tea, along with Spin Trap for added antioxidant benefits that will leave you looking sinfully sexy. Now made even better with the addition of the potent, anti-aging antioxidant R-Lipoic Acid, ensuring you step out in confidence with newfound hydration and rich radiance. Bestseller!

If serums could talk…we wouldn’t need to advertise!


  • Triggers skin cell restoration, renewal, and growth.
  • Increases natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and fibroblasts.
  • Repairs and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and facial sagging.
  • Increases epidermal thickness and strengthens skin elasticity and structure.
  • Hastens blood vessel synthesis around skin injuries; heals without scars.
  • Heightens moisture retention and improves skin’s radiance.

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, especially for those with aging and/or dehydrated skin and post-procedure.

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Ingredient Spotlight: RejuvenOx®

We breathe it, drink it and use it to save lives, but did you know that oxygen can help erase years of damage from your skin and keep it looking healthy, smooth and radiant?RejuvenOx®, a member of the Perfluorocarbon (PFC) family, is a non-hazardous, colorless and odorless material with a high capacity to transport gases and increase moisture levels in skin, promoting skin respiration and hydration, and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally PFCs have been investigated for biomedical applications since the early 1960’s, in areas such as accelerated wound repair by the military, due to their excellent biocompatibility and their ability to carry high levels of gases, in particular oxygen.

Following extensive research RejuvenOx® was proven to increase the oxygen content of the skin, which in turn aids in rapidly healing damaged tissue and minimizing scarring. It also encourages the skin to produce elastin and collagen, which plumps and smoothes the skin minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. RejuvenOx® further aids in skin hydration and increases circulation, feeding the skin essential nutrients to help prevent damage from free radicals. At the same time RejuvenOx® allows the skin to breathe and self regulate in polluted environments, it does not clog pores, and does not interfere with the normal functions of the skin such as perspiration or maintenance of pH barriers. RejuvenOx® provides an instant refreshing effect to the skin because of its emollient properties, and offers an incredibly smooth and soft feel to the final product.

In keeping with the SIRCUIT® standard of offering results driven, ingredient intelligent products we formulated our Day Care™+Molecular Mist™+ and Nineoneone™ serum with RejuvenOx® to increase the skins oxygen supply and aid in wound healing and the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles! Now that’s something to celebrate!!

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4 Guy-Grooming Tips from Women’s Health Magazine

This recent article from Women’s Health says that the one grooming area that doesn’t appeal to most men is anti-aging. Your guy thinks, “I’m going to get older, and old faces have wrinkles.” But with that said, they agree that Sircuit Addict™+ l firming anti-aging serum is pretty impressive. Writer Morgan Lynch says that a few drops make his skin feel smooth and moisturized. And even if he’s still not sold on the whole wrinkle angle, feeling better is enough, right?

For more tips to “coax some metro-like behavior out of your guy”, Click Here

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Technology Decoder: Telomeres and Anti-Aging

When asked to describe aging skin, generally the phrases “wrinkled”, “thin-skin”, or “sagging” are the first to be used. Really, the phrases we should think of first include: damaged strands of DNA, misshapen cells, or damaged chromosomes … the fact is that the aging process begins on a cellular level. One key discovery is the understanding of telomeres, and how they play a key role in understanding the aging process. 

Before we go too in-depth about what a telomere is… let’s first review some basics of biology:

  1. Our bodies are made of cells. 
  2. Cells must divide and replicate themselves in order for us to heal, reproduce, and survive. 
  3. Cells house our Chromosomes, which are made up of strands of our DNA which stores our genetic information, and determines our genetic outcomes (like our hair color, eye color, etc). 
  4. DNA strands have ends to them, which are called telomeres. 
  5. Telomeres protect the integrity of our DNA when a cell divides. 

A little more about telomeres:

Telomeres were first discovered in the early 1970’s when scientists recognized that chromosomes could not completely replicate their ends. It was almost as if there was a “cap” at the end of the DNA strand. Research would continue to show that these “caps” were made of a separate DNA sequence that varied from the rest of the DNA strand. It was noted that each time a cell divided, the ends (the telomeres) became shorter until eventually the ends diminished, and the DNA would not replicate correctly, and eventually the cell would die.  

A fantastic analogy to describe a telomere came from a video by the Smithsonian Channel called “Decoding Immortality” (click here to view it!). In this video, Professor Elizabeth Blackburn (who has extensively studied telomeres, and won a Nobel Prize for her findings) describes how the strand of DNA and the telomere is similar to a shoelace. Think about how the shoelace is woven together with different threads, and is capped at the end with a small plastic piece. In this scenario, the shoelace represents the DNA, and the plastic end represents the telomere. If you were to trim the plastic end, eventually the shoelace would become unraveled, becoming unusable. The same applies to our DNA and our telomeres. Once the telomere shortens to the point of not existing, the Cell can’t replicate correctly, and is no longer usable. In short …the length of the telomere will determine how long your cells will live. 

Why is this important for your skin?

So this is important for many reasons… but when it comes to prolonging the aging process of the skin, it is important to use products that don’t just address the look of the skin. It is arguable more important to think about preserving and protecting the DNA of the cells. And protecting the telomeres could be the key to preserving a youthful complexion. 

Although telomere shortening is a normal part of the aging process, it doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to slow the process down. Oxidative stress, UV exposure, and inflammation can speed up the process of cellular turnover that result in telomere shortening. 

So … protecting the skin from the sun with a physical sun barrier like Zinc Oxide; using topical ingredients that are rich in anti-oxidants (like Spin Trap) or a retinoid (we recommend an encapsulated retinaldehyde); and optimizing the skin’s Vitamin D activity (Chronocycline® is the ingredient to look for) will be your best defense against telomere shortening.

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33 Surprising Things That Ruin Skin - Part 3


With this week’s conclusion, we bring you the end of our 3 part series of “33 Surprising Things That Ruin Skin”, as seen on Happy Friday SIRCUIT® Addicts!!

Candy Girl
Dear Sugar, it’s not you, it’s me… I’ll miss you! We know breaking up is hard to do, but keep in mind when you intake excess sugar it hurts the collagen nestled in your skin leaving you with sag. Fight your sweet tooth with organic fruits like pineapple or mango.

Time to Hit the Gym
Exercise seems to be the cure for almost everything these days and rightfully so! Exercising helps to increase blood flow and give your face a healthy glow. In addition, it also cleans the body of toxins which are expelled during perspiration and cleanses dead skins cells allowing new ones to grow. Without regular exercise you may see an increase in age spots, so lace up those sneakers and hit the pavement.

Clean as a Whistle
With all the harsh chemicals and toxins out there these days, it’s hard to know when you’re safe and when you’re not. To avoid skin irritation, take the plastic off your dry cleaning as soon as you get home, allowing the clothes to breath. The longer the plastic stays on your threads, the more chemicals are absorbed.

Left Arm Letdown
The seat-belt tan may be a girl’s biggest pet peeve in the summer months, but what you don’t know is that those sunburns on your arm add up! Since your left arm is always exposed to more sun when driving, make sure to lather up with extra sun block on that side. The same rules apply to those who are riding in the passenger seat with their right arm exposed.

Put a Cork In It
Just one more reason why you’ll want to put the bottle down — You know how being hung-over makes you want to chug a huge water bottle? Well it does the same for skin. Drinking too much alcohol can dehydrate your skin leaving it quenched for moisture. Without that moisture you are more prone to wrinkles and dryness.

Steamy Surprise
Bad news for all your spa buffs out there. Keep your sauna and steam room usage to a minimum. These spa treats can cause sagging (as they break down elasticity and natural collagen in the skin) over time.

Breezy Bummer
If you’re an ‘AC’ junkie like us during the summer months, this tip will probably catch you off guard. Instead of cranking up the cool air, turn your air conditioner down, giving your skin extra moisture. If your cooling unit is always blaring, you’re stripping the air of humidity and moisture your skin needs.

Shady Smoke
We all know smoking is bad for you… make that very, very, bad for you; but did you know second hand smoke can be harmful to your skin? While you may not smoke, being around smokers can cause skin sagging and speed up the wrinkle process? Just one more reason to steer clear of nicotine.

Makeup Overload
Leaving the house without makeup on may feel like you’re walking around naked for a few minutes, but after awhile it’s kind of refreshing! Allowing your skin to breathe will help prevent clogged pores and breakouts while avoiding premature aging. So take a walk on the wild side - ditch your makeup every now and then.

Brow Control
Over tweezing brows can cause major damage to your skin, not to mention the overall shape and look of your face. When tweezing, always remember to wash tweezers with antibacterial soap beforehand. Prep skin by placing a hot towel over the area to open up your pores and soothe post tweeze by using an aloe lotion to avoid ingrown hairs.

Are you a regular offender of one or more of these skincare faux pas? Click Here to take SIRCUIT®’s Personalized Skin Consultation & one of our SIRCUIT®SKIN Specialists will customize a daily regimen with skin solutions to suit your specific needs.

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The Secret To Avoiding Puffy Eyes

Have you ever slathered on eye cream, hoping for an overnight miracle for those pesky under-eye bags, only to wake up to puffy, irritated eyes?

Well … you’re not alone. Luckily for us The Beauty’s resident skincare expert, Amy Nadine, has the “Eye Cream Secret”.

Here’s a hint - it’s ALL in the application!!

The secret? “Just apply it 1/2 inch or so above your upper lashline and below your lower lashline, then while you’re sleeping, it will travel on its own and stop right around your crow’s feet, where you wanted it in the first place! Be sure to use your ring finger to apply it (it’s your weakest finger so you won’t pull too hard) and after making the dots, gently pat them in.”

Originally posted by The Beauty

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Diva Debbi’s Musings On Wrinkles, Retinoids & The Supernatural

SIRCUIT® lover, Personal Shopper & Beauty Blogger extraordinaire Debbi of Diva DebbiForever Forty Four recently tested out SIRCUIT®’s new IconicA® assortment and calls Supernatural-A™ l restorative retinoid creme:

“the best non-prescription retinoid I have found.”

Wow… what a compliment!! Thanks Debbi for giving Supernatural-A™ your expert stamp of approval (we couldn’t agree more).

SIRCUIT Supernatural-A Product Review

To read Diva Debbi’s full review, click here.

To learn more, or to order your very own Supernatural-A™ (1.3 oz. l $80.00), click here.

Defying Gravity: Loss of Skin Firmness and Elasticity

SIRCUIT Defying Gravity

Is your skin looking to defy gravity? Although we can’t teach you how to fly, we’re great at offering advice and skincare products to help keep sagging skin off the ground and and instead, on your face.

As we age, our skin is exposed to the sun, pollution and other environmental aggressors that break down the fatty tissue between our skin and the muscle. This loss off tissue is what causes our skin to droop and causes the dreaded appearance of jowls (deep wrinkles around your mouth).

To help boost skin’s elasticity, our Sircuit Addict™ firming anti-aging serum and Sircuit Secret Sauce™ the ultimate anti-wrinkle solution are the dynamic duo you wont be able to do without. 

The inside scoop on what makes our Secret Sauce™ so effective is it’s high concentration of hydrating hyaluronic acid and peptides that help relax the skin’s tissue where wrinkles and sagging skin occurs to plump the skin with moisture.

To boost the effectiveness of “the sauce,” applying our Sircuit Addict™ beforehand will assist in binding the moisture to your skin for ultimate hydrating and firming benefits. Formulated with chirally correct antioxidants like spinach, this serum is strong like Popeye to stop free radical damage that in its tracks for skin that is firm, soft and dewy to the touch.