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Ok all you SIRCUIT® Addicts out there, you’re glowing which means we’re growing. We are on the hunt for a National Sales Manager and need your help. Are you a serious professional with a passion for skincare and wellness?  Or know anyone that is (we love referrals)? Then you just might be the one we are looking for.  We would love to turn a SIRCUIT® fan into one of our own! Click here to check out the career section and see if this exciting opportunity is for you.

Genlux Beauty Profile - The Natural


Check out the latest Winter/Resort edition of Genlux to get a closer look at SIRCUIT® founder Michael Wolfgeher’s profile feature.  Learn a little more about him including his passions, his success secrets, and personal background.  We know all you SIRCUIT® fans will enjoy this rare glimpse into the man behind the brand!

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The Weekend Guide via Daily Candy

Looking for something to do this weekend? Daily Candy recommends heading over to Exhale® Mind Body Spa for their SIRCUIT® Smart Peel Facial featuring the Youth Accelerator Pro™+ l 20% pumpkin enzyme peel!

Youth Accelerator Pro™+is an all-natural pumpkin enzyme peel that’s rich in anti-aging and skin perfecting nutrients. This unique, professional strength formula contains powerful antioxidant properties that target the skin’s cell receptors, helping to minimize the free radical damage that can result in accelerated aging. The natural pumpkin enzymes also aid in exfoliating dead skin cells and impurities, while at the same time delivering vitamins and nutrients to the skin. Protein rich Albumen helps to condition the skin, ensuring it stays luscious and soft. The results? Younger, healthier looking skin and a more vibrant complexion.

Suitable for all skin types especially aging, oily and/or problem skin types and those with hyperpigmentation.


  • Enzymes gently slough the buildup of dead skin cells.
  • Stimulates new skin cell production for a renewed complexion.
  • Imparts essential antioxidants to improve skin health.
  • Combats congestion, blackheads and blemishes.
  • Increases formation of collagen and elastin.
  • Minimizes the effects of free radical damage.
  • Decreases fine lines and improves skin texture.

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Ingredient Spotlight: RejuvenOx®

We breathe it, drink it and use it to save lives, but did you know that oxygen can help erase years of damage from your skin and keep it looking healthy, smooth and radiant?RejuvenOx®, a member of the Perfluorocarbon (PFC) family, is a non-hazardous, colorless and odorless material with a high capacity to transport gases and increase moisture levels in skin, promoting skin respiration and hydration, and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally PFCs have been investigated for biomedical applications since the early 1960’s, in areas such as accelerated wound repair by the military, due to their excellent biocompatibility and their ability to carry high levels of gases, in particular oxygen.

Following extensive research RejuvenOx® was proven to increase the oxygen content of the skin, which in turn aids in rapidly healing damaged tissue and minimizing scarring. It also encourages the skin to produce elastin and collagen, which plumps and smoothes the skin minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. RejuvenOx® further aids in skin hydration and increases circulation, feeding the skin essential nutrients to help prevent damage from free radicals. At the same time RejuvenOx® allows the skin to breathe and self regulate in polluted environments, it does not clog pores, and does not interfere with the normal functions of the skin such as perspiration or maintenance of pH barriers. RejuvenOx® provides an instant refreshing effect to the skin because of its emollient properties, and offers an incredibly smooth and soft feel to the final product.

In keeping with the SIRCUIT® standard of offering results driven, ingredient intelligent products we formulated our Day Care™+Molecular Mist™+ and Nineoneone™ serum with RejuvenOx® to increase the skins oxygen supply and aid in wound healing and the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles! Now that’s something to celebrate!!

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We’re loving this great review of our best-selling cleanser, X-Trap™+, from Emily Siegel, makeup artist, hair stylist and creator of The Makeup Zombie, a blog dedicated to NON-TOXIC beauty!

"Originally, I ordered The 7 Essentials sample collection, because I wanted to try out the products before spending the money on full size products (this brand is a bit pricey so it may not work for everyone). The X-Trap+ was just 1 of the 7 products.

I always get out of the shower looking like I have two fresh black eyes due to my mascara running down from the water. Products I was using before were just not removing the left over makeup. It’s annoying to have to get out of the shower and then use a makeup remover wipe to remove the left over makeup, when I just scrubbed and cleaned my skin. Sure it only takes a few seconds, but 1. I have yet to find safer option for makeup remover wipes and 2. I don’t want to have to do extra once I am out of the shower. Maybe that doesn’t annoy some of you, but it did me so I was looking for a facial wash that cleansed my skin and also removed ALL of my makeup in one step. Well, X-Trap+ did just that!

I really love this face wash, because it is so gentle and okay to use daily. My skin doesn’t feel dried out after I use it, and my skin is free of all makeup which to me is awesome! This is just a well rounded face wash that does everything I want and need it to do.

I’m sure if you’re use to buying drug store removers, the price looks a bit steep. Though, you get 4oz of product, and only need a small dab of product each time you wash. I definitely recommend this face wash! I will be repurchasing it!”

Thanks Emily for this glowing review! To check out her full post on our X-Trap™+ l daily gentle face wash, Click Here

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Our Latest SIRCUIT® Fan On Open Sky!

imageWe were SO excited to see that Actress, Author, Advocate and Hands-On Mom, Holly Robinson Peete has become our latest fan on Open Sky! Thanks Holly … the feeling is mutual!!

If you’d like to visit SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals’ Open Sky shop, Click Here

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Dragonfly Beauty Jumps On The Bandwagon!

Dragonfly Beauty has officially jumped on the SIRCUIT® bandwagon (and we can’t say we blame her)! Check out our latest review from this mom, blogger and self-proclaimed natural beauty addict!image"I am new to SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals but I am jumping on the bandwagon as fast as possible. It’s a non toxic brand full of active ingredients that are super effective. As much as a love a natural cream, I’m also pretty worried about wrinkles and skin discoloration so I really do prefer getting some proven wrinkle-fighting ingredients.

They’re been in business 11 years and are based in Los Angeles, California. They use 100% fresh, pure ingredients with no fillers, artificial colors, artificial preservatives or artificial fragrances and are cruelty free.

I’ve been using the super handy 7 Essentials Collection ($68.00 at for the last month and I love every product in it. It has a great variety of their products in it so you really get a great intro to the whole line.

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Mama ❤’s Her SIRCUIT® Essentials!


If you’re new to SIRCUIT® then you’ve GOT to check out this review from wife, mom, entrepeneur, skincare junkie and creator of the award-winning blog, Mama In Heels!

We recently had this mom-of-all-trades check out our 7 Essentials Sample Collection which includes a full-regimen of deluxe trial sizes that are suitable for most skin types and makes a great introduction to SIRCUIT®. Not only did she have nothing but great things to say about the products (and we knew she would), we really appreciate how she dove into the science of what makes SIRCUIT® from other skincare companies!

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Is Your Skincare Giving You Separation Anxiety?


From time to time, we’re contacted by customers who have noticed some separation occurring in their products. Is this normal? Can it still be used? The short answer … YES & YES!

SIRCUIT® products are formulated without the use of those nasty stabilizers and chemical preservatives. As with any natural product, it is perfectly normal for some separation to occur but this by no means disrupts the efficacy of the product (unless of course it’s exceeded its shelf-life … but that’s a whole other topic).

There are a hundred examples we could give to illustrate how a little separation is okay (oil and vinegar, peanut butter, and so on) and it’s no different when it comes to the science of natural skincare. In fact, it’s very common that a product with a high concentration of multiple active ingredients (like SIRCUIT®) can lead to those ingredients virtually repelling themselves from each other.

So what’s the solution? In your head, picture active ingredients as egomaniacs preferring not to mingle with the other ingredients. Therefore, shaking or stirring a product will force those active ingredients to co-mingle, leaving you with a far more therapeutic and effective skincare product. And honestly, who doesn’t want that?

Let’s face it … life isn’t always perfectly homogenous, but that’s okay! So the next time you notice a little separation in your skincare, think about cutting it a little slack. Take a deep breath, shake (or stir) a little and reap the benefits!

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Congrats to our latest SIRCUIT® Professional Spa Partners, ROC House Fitness Spa, who celebrated the Grand Opening of their Health, Beauty and Wellness mecca earlier this month!

Founded by former NBA point guard, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Larry Hughes, ROC House Fitness Spa was designed with the goal of supporting and catering too all of the strong and dynamic women that inspired Larry throughout his personal and professional life. ROC House Fitness Spa is located in the premiere Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead, and caters to the maverick ROC mom, fiery fitness fanatic, bustling business woman, courageous first-timer committed to changing her life, and every woman in between.

ROC offers its members a diverse array of services to savor in style. Enjoy rigorous fitness classes in its state of the art facility, nourish your body with a variety of organic snacks and smoothies in their cafe, or head over to their Full Service Salon and Spa to primp, pamper and unwind with one of their SIRCUIT® Signature Facial Treatments!

If you’re looking to physically, spiritually and emotionally eliminate the stress of your daily life, visit for more info!

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SIRCUIT® Introduces Brand New Cloud 9™+ Formula!

With a newly re-defined focus on protection, collagen production and moisturization, our brand new Cloud 9™+ formula has been SUPERCHARGED with 5 amazing new ingredient technologies that we’re SO excited about!! Here is a quick overview of what we’ve added:

  • Chronocyclin (INCI:Glutamylamydoethy Imidazole) - Optimizes Vitamin D activity, wakes up tired skin, alleviates effects of jet lag, anti-stress, optimizes cell renewal and helps detoxify the skin. Helps to regulate circadian rhythm (so great pre & post travel).
  • MariMoist (INCI: Aqua, Chondrus Crispus, Sodium Hyaluronate (L)) - Acts like a water reserve by helping to maintain skin’s natural moisture balance, keeping the skin soft and supple. Plumps, refreshes, improves skin tone, reduces sagging.
  • AquaMAX LM (INCI: Potassium Hydrolyzed Polygamma-Glutamate aka natto gum) - Increases the natural moisturizing factor in the skin by enhancing HA (hyaluronic acid) level.
  • Citrustem (INCI: Aqua, Glycerin, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Callus Culture Extract, Xanthan Gum) - Orange stem cells. Increases the density of the skin to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Maintains dermal structure and recovers the elastic properties for a firmer, smoother, more youthful appearance.
  • Madecassoside - Stimulates the epidermal recovery cycle, improves wound healing, soothes inflammation, inhibits MMP.

So why the change? After launching the new Made Better formula of Cloud 9™+ last year, we’re proud to say that everyone’s response to the product has been overwhelmingly positive! Although we were hearing on occasion that customers were a little confused about the points of difference between Cloud 9™+ and Dreamweaver™+, specifically which of these two nighttime moisturizers were best for their needs.

With that in mind, we decided to update the Cloud 9™+ formula once more, so that there is a clear focus on intense protection and moisturization. The look and scent of Cloud 9™+ remains very much true to the original and still has that fluffy, whipped consistency that absorbs beautifully into the skin. You may also notice that given its newly re-defined focus we’ve removed the ingredient EGF, but if you’re a fan of this repairing powerhouse, fear not. Epidermal Growth Factor remains a VERY prominent part of the Dreamweaver™+ formula that we all know and love!

To learn more about all the ways we’ve updated our best-selling Cloud 9™+ l intensely protective moisture crème, Click Here

And … for a limited time, you’ll get a FREE deluxe sample of Cloud 9™+ with your next purchase at Just enter code ONCLOUD9 at checkout.

We just know you’re going to ♥ it!!

SIRCUIT® Customer Service

Breaking Bad & SIRCUIT - It’s All In The Chemistry!

Congrats to AMC’s Breaking Bad on their Emmy win for Best Drama last night! Besides being a kick-a** show, you’ve made the world aware of the benefits of Chiral technology … and for that, we thank you!

To learn more about SIRCUIT®’s extensive use of Chirally correct ingredients, Click Here


A little SIRCUIT® inSPAration to start your weekend!

A little SIRCUIT® inSPAration to start your weekend!


A BIG thank you to our friends at GENLUX Magazine for inviting us to their recent photoshoot for the gorgeous Lisa Vanderpump. It was such a pleasure to meet her (and of course, we couldn’t resist gifting her with some of our fave SIRCUIT® products)!!

Be sure to check out the Holiday issue of GENLUX for the full shoot and a sneak peak inside this RHOBH's breathtaking home!

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ELLE BEAUTY: Hannah Bronfman’s NYFW Beauty Picks

Guest blogger and DJ/entrepreneur/NYC gal-about-town Hannah Bronfman shares her weekly beauty obsessions.

“I have a habit of walking into any beauty store I pass just to check out what brand they have—since I like to recommend things to friends, I need to know what products are out there. Recently, I stopped by Thompson Alchemists (just off Prince St. here in NYC) right in my ’hood. It was there I discovered WHITE OUT+ daily under eye care by Sircuit Skin cosmeceuticals. I’ll confess: The packaging first caught my eye, but ever since I started using it, I’ve been hooked—it’s perfect for my late nights. And especially during #NYFW, I never get enough sleep. I am always on the go: from shows and presentations to work meetings to after parties, so I need a product that keeps me looking refreshed. This erases the bags under my eyes and acts as a good primer for any concealer. All you need to pair it with is a bold lip!”


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